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Techmonkey Solution is the ultimate digital marketing services provider that your business needs regardless of its size and the industry you serve. We house a team of digital marketing experts to manage your SEO, SMO, PPC campaigns and more to help you reach a wide target audience. Let your business Stand Out through effective digital marketing and advertising from Techmonkey Solution.

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web-icon Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the organic way to build a sustainable audience for your brand. At Techmonkey Solution, with the help of the best digital marketing and advertising expertise we deliver what we promise.

Our tried and tested SEO techniques can help your business appear right on top of the Google SERP. Let's take the right approach for your SEO campaigns with the best SEO experts from Techmonkey Solution and build long-term authority on the internet.

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web-icon Social Media Management

Social media management strategies can be a ‘Make or Break’ for your business. TechMonkey Solution brings expert Social Media Managers to manage your reputation online. Our proven Social Media Marketing strategies lets you depict your brand's story in the most natural way. From Facebook marketing, Instagram to Linkedin marketing, at Techmonkey Solution, we offer a wide array of services. You can reach us to easily create campaigns backed by data & analytics and get the best ROI for your social media ad campaigns.

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web-icon Google Ad-Words

Your paid aids are likely to get 65% more clicks on Google for users with a buying intent. Thus, successful PPC campaigns can be very beneficial for your business. At Techmonkey Solution, we house some of the best PPC ad experts in our team.
With our strategic high-ROI Google Adwords campaign you can ensure continuous lead flow for your business. As one of the best Digital Marketing companies in Kolkata, Techmonkey Solutions offer best PPC planning templates that help in improving conversion.

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web-icon Digital PR

Digital PR is a great way to promote your new brand on the internet. Unique digital PR strategies from Techmonkey Solution can contribute in generating more traffic, leads, and sales on your websites. Our digital marketing experts use long term PR strategies that focus on building consumer relationships, media list and creative promotions that ensure a positive attitude from your customers towards your brand. Contact Techmonkey Solution to get help from the best Digital PR branding experts.

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What does digital marketing mean?

Digital marketing or online marketing is a way to promote your brand through digital media that includes various online social platforms and search engine result pages, to name a few. Effective digital marketing strategies can ensure maximum exposure for your product or services.

Is digital marketing cost-effective?

Yes, still being quite new to the marketing arena, digital marketing is much more cost-effective than conventional marketing. Also, digital marketing proves to offer long-term results by building the right audience for your brand.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing comes with its own list of sparks which includes that digital marketing is much more affordable, easier to start with, offers measurable results, and happens to help brands to reach the right audience with their product or services.

What's the difference between SEO and SEM?

As the abbreviation suggests, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a way to optimize your web content as per search engines' guidelines to rank higher on SERPs organically for your targeted Keywords. Whereas SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and it specifically brings traffic to your website through paid advertising. While SEO takes more time and tends to show long-term results, SEM is a good way to grab quick attention from your targeted audience.

What's the difference between SEO, PPC, and SMM?

As said earlier, SEO is the way to drive, monitor, and analyze organic traffic to your website, and it takes time to show results. PPC or Pay Per Click is a way to digitally run a paid promotion on SERPs where you get to pay only when a user clicks on your ad. On the other hand, SMM stands for Social Media Marketing and is a marketing policy in which brands promote their products or services among their audience on various social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or others.

What are the different types of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a way to advertise your brand online; thus, it has a long list of online marketing strategies. Here are a few to name:

  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click advertisements
  • Influencers Marketing
  • Youtube Video Marketing

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