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Social Media Marketing

You don't have to wait and keep waiting for the right time to come before starting your business. Take advantage of the right social media platform to showcase the best of your product or services. TechMonkey Solution is a Social Media Marketing agency in India dedicated to helping business owners like you grow their businesses. At Techmonkey Solution, it's our responsibility to 'Make Your Social Media Presence a Success.' Reach us today!

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web-icon Facebook Marketing

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, Facebook is the go-to place for marketers worldwide. With the right social media marketing strategies from the Techmonkey Solution expert team, you can now make your audience talk about your product on Facebook. Get one-on-one support from Techmonkey Solution, one of the best social media marketing companies in the city. We create and manage Facebook marketing ads that help your business appear right.

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web-icon Instagram Marketing

Over 130 million Instagram users spend 7 hours every week on Instagram. Being one of the most sought-after social media advertising companies at Techmonkey Solution, we help our clients to create a unique Instagram handle. It eventually allows them to connect with the right audience. Leverage the best form of Instagram marketing with TechMonkey Solution, the top social media marketing agency in Kolkata.

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web-icon Linkedin Marketing

Creating an engaging company page on Linkedin will help you gain followers and generate awareness of your products or services. A social media advertising company can help you with that. As a successful social media marketing agency at Techmonkey Solution, we use tools and resources that can drive the proven success of your online business through Linkedin marketing.

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web-icon Youtube Marketing

At Techmonkey Solution, we house some of the most influential Youtube marketing strategists to help you out. From video creation and distribution to promoting them across different channels, we are the best social media marketing agency specializing in YouTube marketing. You can boost your Youtube traffic and create more exposure for your service through a strategic approach. Get the much-needed expertise from Techmonkey Solution, the social media advertising brand you need for your business.

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How can I use Social Media to promote my business?

Social media can be the best place to introduce and promote your product or services to the right audience. You can create brand awareness among the actual target audience through social media marketing campaigns. As part of the campaign, businesses can share knowledgebases, generate polls, share humorous digital posts, or engage in conversation with their audience.

Does it worth advertising on Social Media?

Yes, social media advertising can be exclusively beneficial for your business. In 2022 there will be almost 4 billion people on social media. Also, the average time a user spends on different social media platforms is 147minutes per day. Therefore, your business can explore and reach a major portion of its target audience with the best social media marketing techniques. Also, running social media advertisements are cost-effective as you can have measurable results shown through data and analytics and be precise about your target market.

How do you effectively advertise on Social Media?

To effectively advertise on Social Media, you need to understand your target audience and create exclusive campaigns that your audience can connect with. Also, consistency, mobile-friendliness of the ad content, and optimizing the advertisement campaign as per available matrics come at the forefront of effective social media advertising.

How much does it cost to promote my business on Social Media?

It completely depends on what target audience you want to reach and the type of campaign you want to run for your brand. However, at TechMonkey Solution, our expert Social Media Marketers offer their service at a cost-effective price. With us, you can start your Social Media Marketing campaign at as low as 8000/- INR per month.

Which things are included in your social media marketing package?

At Techmonkey Solution, our social media marketing package includes designing social media campaigns, optimization, spam deletion, comment & conversation management.

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