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Get a website that matches your brand's aesthetics. We at Techmonkey Solutions, offer a wide array of website designs precisely tailored to your requirement. Our amazingly creative designers and proficient developers offer the best website UI to make your business visually 'The Most Attractive Space Online.' We love the flexibility, so we do understand your need for a custom wordpress website. That's why Techmonkey Solutions happens to be one of the very few website design companies in Kolkata offering custom wordpress design. Oh! You may need an E-Commerce website design to sell your product; well, reach us for that too!

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web-icon HTML Static Website

You essentially require a creative website design complementing your product or services to run your business successfully.

But as SMBs, not all of us have the budget or requirements of dynamic website development. At Techmonkey Solution, we offer HTML Static Websites, which are fast, reliable, and easy to scale.

If your business just needs to mark its online presence or you need a space to showcase your portfolio on the internet, reach Techmonkey Solution and get an HTML Static website.

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web-icon HTML Dynamic Website

A dynamic website design is something that businesses operating on a large scale use to serve their customers. At Techmonkey Solution we offer dynamic website development to help you serve your customers' needs as per their location, time, language, or any other variables. A dynamic website has both frontend and backend functionalities with cPanel to make changes to the website without changing the source code. Get a fast, reliable dynamic website design from Techmonkey Solutions, one of the best web development companies in Kolkata. Reach us now to make your business look more customer-centric.

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web-icon Wordpress Website

WordPress makes it easy to manage your website with hundreds of tools, plugins, and themes available. With the help of the best website developer from Techmonkey Solutions now, it's easier to be on top of your content marketing funnel with custom WordPress sites. A custom WordPress Website is typically for those who need a simple solution for their business website at a cost-effective price. However, no matter how easy it sounds, you can always take help from another pair of hands and that's too from professional Web Designers and Developers from Techmonkey Solutions.

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web-icon Ecommerce Website

Online Marketplaces are already dominating the shopping world.

An effective E-Commerce website design from Techmonkey Solutions can secure amazing user experience for your consumers.

Our experienced website developers can build E-commerce websites that are aesthetically sound and easy to hover around.

With expert coding knowledge, Techmonkey Solution can bring you E-Commerce Websites that sustain, attract, and help in conversion.

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Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Yes, at Techmonkey Solution, we use creative and agile development techniques to build responsive, mobile-friendly websites. We will create websites that work will seamlessly across all the devices.

How long does it take to build a website?

The time it takes to create the best website design for your business solely depends on your requirements. While a dynamic website design takes much longer to prepare, a custom Wordpress website can be delivered within a short time. At Techmonkey Solution, our proficient developers may take 15 days to 3 months to cater you with the best web designing service that compliments your product or services.

How many pages do I get with my website?

The answer is that there are ‘no limits.’ As your business requires more web pages to become much more customer-centric, our highly-experienced developers at Techmonkey Solution offer you that.

I already have a website; how easy is it to change it?

It’s simple! If you have got your website up and running, but it cannot serve your audience the way you would have liked, you must need help from professionals. All you got to do is contact our proficient developing team from Techmonkey Solution and share your website credentials. We can take it forward from there.

What if I want upgrades in the future or changes to a web project that has been developed by you or another agency?

As your business scales, it’s pretty obvious that you need to uphold your digital presence. It doesn’t matter whether we were there with you at the start or not. At Techmonkey Solution, flexibility has always remained at the forefront of our services. That’s what made us one of the best Website Development companies in Kolkata. You can reach us anytime to make an unlimited number of additions and changes to your website. Generally, we charge 1000 INR per new web page creation. It may vary depending on your requirement.

Will I get the FTP credentials?

You will definitely get the login credentials if you launch your website through dedicated server hosting. However, suppose you opt for the web designing service that comes under a package. In that case, we will provide the hosting service for free, and the credentials won’t be available to you.

How will I change the contents of my website?

Techmonkey Solution offers you the simplest Content Management System to manage your content across your website. The best part is that we don’t stop there. We ensure that you get proper insights from our proficient developers so that you can update images and videos and make changes to other content on your website with ease.

Who will maintain my website?

As part of our cost-effective web development packages, Techmonkey Solution offers 1 year of free maintenance service for your website.

What are the charges after one year?

As your package of 1 year ends, we charge only 30% of the previous cost or 5000/- INR for another year of hosting service and maintenance.

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